The Real Differences Between Islam and Christianity.

I just watched something on YouTube. Bill Maher was talking, and was upset when Charlie Rose claimed that Islam was just like any other religion. He was justified in his dismay in that kind of statement.

Islam is NOTHING like Christianity. Period.

Difference #1:

Islam: If you are not Muslim, you are an infidel, and deserve to die.

Christianity: If you are not Christian, MOST Christians will minister to you, and, if you still don’t believe, we say, “Bless your heart!” and pray for you.

Difference #2:

Islam: 80% of Muslims in Egypt believe that if you leave Islam, you should die.

Christianity: Christians who leave the faith are prayed for. No calls for death to them. In fact, murder is FORBIDDEN in Christianity.

Difference #3:

Islam: Women in MOST Muslim nations are treated like property. They are not considered human. They are servants to the men.

Christianity: A woman is revered by most Christians. In fact, Catholics actually say, “Hail, Mary, Full of Grace.” Women are not treated like slaves or property.

Difference #3:

Islam: Most Muslims in the Middle East (And quite a few right here in America) follow the Sharia law.  This is from Wikipedia:

Crime and punishment

Sharia recognizes three categories of crime:

  1. Hudud: crimes against God with fixed punishment.
  2. Qisas: crimes against Muslims where equal retaliation is allowed.
  3. Tazir: crimes against Muslims or non-Muslims where a Muslim judge uses his discretion in sentencing.

Although there is some disagreement about which crimes are hudud crimes, they usually include theft, highway robbery, zina (sex with forbidden partners), falsely accusing someone of zina, and drinking alcohol. The prescibed punishments for these crimes range from 80 lashes to death. However, classical jurists developed very strict rules which restrict when these punishments could be applied, so that in many cases it became almost impossible to convict anyone under these rules. For example, there must be four adult male Muslim witnesses to a hudud crime or a confession repeated four times, before someone can be punished. If a criminal could not be convicted of a hudud crime, they could still receive a tazir punishment.

Murder, bodily injury and property damage – intentional or unintentional – is considered a civil dispute under sharia law. The victim, victim’s heir(s) or guardian is given the option to either forgive the offender, demand Qisas (equal retaliation) or accept a compensation (Diyya). Under sharia law, the Diyya compensation received by the victim or victim’s family is in cash.

Apostasy is punished by death unless the apostate agreed to return to Islam.

Christianity: Christians are told to “Follow the Laws of The Land.” Please read The Laws of the Land (Romans 13:1-14) and you will see why Christians submit to human rule.


And, that’s just a few differences. So, the next time someone says something stupid like; “Christians are worse than Muslims,” refer them to this blog.

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My Take On Illegal Immigration and Abortion

Going to leave this here: One thing I was always taught by my parents growing up was to respect other peoples beliefs and opinions. You can have a healthy discussion without throwing out names and insults. Seems to me that, today, that philosophy has been rejected by a large portion of the country.
Today, if you don’t agree with something, depending on what side of the aisle you are, you are considered a racist, bigot who needs to just shut up. Now, anyone who knows me, and how I was brought up, knows that I am not a bigot or racist. I do, however, believe that Americans…. ALL Americans, should come first when it comes to OUR government. If a person is here illegally, no matter the nationality or skin tone, they are breaking the law. I don’t care if that person is from Mexico, Canada or Australia, they are breaking the law. That being said, there are a lot of Illegal Immigrants here who, in my opinion, pose no threat to my way of life. All the talk out there, saying that Our President is rounding up innocent immigrants is just plain false. Of the Illegal Immigrants rounded up, 95% of them were Violent Criminals. Drug dealers, pedophiles, rapists, murderers and the like. Not all of them were from Mexico, like some would have us believe. Not all were Muslim, as some would have us believe.
Now, when it comes to abortion, I know that many of my friends have their opinions on the subject. I respect each and everyone of them. But, please, for the love of God, respect my opinion in return. I believe that as soon as a child is conceived, they are human beings, and should be given the chance to be born, and lead a life that will make this world a better place. The ONLY times I believe that abortion might be an option are: Rape, Incest or, if having the child might kill the mother. Having an abortion just because you aren’t ready to have a child should NEVER be an excuse. That is just plain selfish. It is also murder, in my opinion. If you know that you aren’t ready to have a child, there are MANY options out there to PREVENT the pregnancy in the first place. The most reliable way is to ABSTAIN from sex until you are ready. I know, I know…. that is a boring option. Well, how about condoms? If your man doesn’t have a condom on him, then, how about putting on the breaks until he shows a little more respect for your wishes? Here’s another thought: if you are going to be sexually active, where is it written that the woman can’t have condoms in her possession? Responsibility is not a one way street.

All of that being said, I know I will get some heat for my opinions, and I welcome an open and honest dialog with anyone. BUT, please, refrain from name calling and hatred. I don’t go onto your pages and tear into you when your opinion differs from mine. It’s called freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. And, freedom, period.

May God bless you all.

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An Open Letter To Generation Y (Millennials)

Dear Millennials,

First of all, I would like to say that, you are by far the most educated group of young people this world has ever seen….. wow… I thought there was going to be a lot to compliment you on, but, for the life of me, I can’t think of anything else.

I saw a video on Facebook that, quite frankly, made me feel sick to my stomach. The video was of Millennials “apologizing” to everyone over the age of 40, and then proceeded to lecture us on where we are wrong about your generation. This letter is to address some grievances I have with this video.

If you young people has actually paid attention in History class, instead of being buried in your social media, you would see that we (Generation Xers) were still in high school and college during the 80s and 90s. What happened in those decades was not OUR fault. If you HAD done a little research, MY generation, the generation that’s most disgusted with your constant bitching and moaning, was born in or around 1964 – 1984. The people who were running the country at this time were, yup, you guessed it, Baby Boomers. They were born in or around 1946 – 1963. That was OUR parents.

MY generation created so many things just to make sure that YOUR generation could have anything YOU wanted. WE (Generation X) CREATED Social Media. Yup. Mark Zuckerberg is one of us. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the creators of Google? Yup. Generation X. Rich Minor, one of the inventors of Android? Generation X. Remember this the next time you decide to go on one of your cry baby rants and make a video of it to post to YouTube (you’re welcome) or Facebook.

Now, the way you are is not your fault. It’s ours. I’ll admit that. But, in all honesty, we thought you would grow out of it. I mean, come on. You are adults now. Time to start acting like it. If someone says something offensive, it’s not the end of the world. LET IT GO. MOVE ON. TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. I am so sick and tired of reading that someone was so offended by this or that that they needed a safe space to cry. Really? Cry? Only babies cry when they don’t get their way. Are you a baby? Do you need your diaper changed? No? Then, in the words of Republican Rep. Bobby Kaufmann of Iowa: Suck it up, buttercup.

In closing, the reason this country is so divided right now has nothing to do with words, but has everything to do with actions. YOU are rioting in the streets. You are taking over our schools with “progressive” rhetoric. Screaming for tolerance, and then, showing intolerance towards anyone who doesn’t agree with your narrow view of the way the world “should be.” You call anyone who didn’t agree or vote for Barack Obama a racist or bigot. You call anyone who voted for Donald Trump a member of “a basket of deplorables.” The only name calling, and insulting I have seen has been from your generation. You haven’t created anything that your children would be proud of. The next generation, I’ll call them Generation Restore, has a lot of work ahead of them, because, when they are your age, you will be in control of this beautiful, great country of ours. I pray that you have grown up some before you take over, but, I really don’t see that happening.

All of that being said, we, your parents, aunts and uncles, will always love you, no matter how much you embarrass us.


Generation X

P.S. Pull up your damn pants.

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[rey-siz-uh m]

Spell Syllables



a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human  racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.


a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.


hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Tell me, where in this definition does it say that only white people are racists? It doesn’t.

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Pick Songwriters Brains

Have you ever wanted to just pick someone’s brain just to see what they were thinking when the did something? I have two people I would love to just sit and talk to for one hour. They are both songwriters. Some would say that they might be two of the greatest songwriters in history. Actually, it’s three songwriters. Two of them were a team, but, sadly, one member of that team died long ago.


The first songwriter I would love to talk to is Sir Paul McCartney. He, and his songwriting partner, John Lennon, penned some of the most iconic songs in history. “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” “A Day In The Life.” “Hey, Jude.” “The Long And Winding Road.” And, of course, “Strawberry Fields Forever.” I would love to ask Sir Paul if he even remembers writing some of those songs. The 60s were a time of excessive drug use, and, the title of one of the songs just oozes with Acid. I would ask him what it was like to sit in a room with John Lennon and bounce ideas for songs off of each other. I think it would be an awesome conversation.


The next person I would love to sit down with is Prince. I have been listening to his music since 1983. I know, I’m old. But, his music is timeless. When “1999” starts (if they play the whole song, that is) with that distorted voice imploring us not to worry, we are safe and that The Voice only wants us to have some fun, that is exactly what we do. This man has put out more music than most other musicians. Supposedly, he has a “vault” containing enough music that, when this genius dies, we could still get music until our generation is gone. Who else can say that?

Now, most people, when they think of Prince, only two songs come to mind: “Purple Rain” and “When Doves Cry.” While those are great songs, he has done so much more. If you get the chance, pick up “Parade” from 1986, and take a listen to “Sometimes It Snows In April.” Or, pick up “Sign ‘O’ The Times” from 1987, and listen to “Forever In My Life” or “The Cross.” My personal favorite was on the “Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic” album. “Wherever U Are, Whatever U Do” speaks right to the heart. I love his rocking song too, like, “Peach,” “Rock & Roll’s Alive (And It Lives In Minneapolis),” and of course “She’s Always In My Hair.” I think I would need more than an hour to talk to him.

Well, that’s my thoughts for today.

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Question For Non-Christians

Question: why is it, when Christians talk about what they believe, do non-christians attack them with hate? If you want to believe that man evolved from monkeys, that is your right. I won’t resort to name calling to push my belief on you. But, when I say that I believe that everything was created by God, I have been called an idiot who believes in fairytales. If you expect Christians to show tolerance, perhaps you should do the same.

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Missing My Dad


Tomorrow marks what would have been my Dad’s 67th birthday. Sadly, he passed away 5 years ago. I really can’t believe that it’s been that long. I still miss him like I just lost him today. Does the pain ever go away? I know he’s in a better place, but I would prefer it if he was here today. It just doesn’t seem fair. All the hateful and evil people allowed to continue to breathe air, while a good man like William M. Stone, Sr. is taken away.

Maybe I’m just angry by all the things happening in the world today. All the race baiters. All the racists. All the evil people doing things and claiming they do it in the name of Allah.

Just once, I just want one day where there isn’t a bad news story. Only good, happy ones. Is that too much to ask for?

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