My Take On Illegal Immigration and Abortion

Going to leave this here: One thing I was always taught by my parents growing up was to respect other peoples beliefs and opinions. You can have a healthy discussion without throwing out names and insults. Seems to me that, today, that philosophy has been rejected by a large portion of the country.
Today, if you don’t agree with something, depending on what side of the aisle you are, you are considered a racist, bigot who needs to just shut up. Now, anyone who knows me, and how I was brought up, knows that I am not a bigot or racist. I do, however, believe that Americans…. ALL Americans, should come first when it comes to OUR government. If a person is here illegally, no matter the nationality or skin tone, they are breaking the law. I don’t care if that person is from Mexico, Canada or Australia, they are breaking the law. That being said, there are a lot of Illegal Immigrants here who, in my opinion, pose no threat to my way of life. All the talk out there, saying that Our President is rounding up innocent immigrants is just plain false. Of the Illegal Immigrants rounded up, 95% of them were Violent Criminals. Drug dealers, pedophiles, rapists, murderers and the like. Not all of them were from Mexico, like some would have us believe. Not all were Muslim, as some would have us believe.
Now, when it comes to abortion, I know that many of my friends have their opinions on the subject. I respect each and everyone of them. But, please, for the love of God, respect my opinion in return. I believe that as soon as a child is conceived, they are human beings, and should be given the chance to be born, and lead a life that will make this world a better place. The ONLY times I believe that abortion might be an option are: Rape, Incest or, if having the child might kill the mother. Having an abortion just because you aren’t ready to have a child should NEVER be an excuse. That is just plain selfish. It is also murder, in my opinion. If you know that you aren’t ready to have a child, there are MANY options out there to PREVENT the pregnancy in the first place. The most reliable way is to ABSTAIN from sex until you are ready. I know, I know…. that is a boring option. Well, how about condoms? If your man doesn’t have a condom on him, then, how about putting on the breaks until he shows a little more respect for your wishes? Here’s another thought: if you are going to be sexually active, where is it written that the woman can’t have condoms in her possession? Responsibility is not a one way street.

All of that being said, I know I will get some heat for my opinions, and I welcome an open and honest dialog with anyone. BUT, please, refrain from name calling and hatred. I don’t go onto your pages and tear into you when your opinion differs from mine. It’s called freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. And, freedom, period.

May God bless you all.


About Steven Stone

Conservative, God fearing Trump supporter. I have my own opinion, and would like it if you respect it. I always respect anyone else's opinion, no matter how uninformed or stupid it is. (Sarcasm)
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